Getting Started

Everything you need to start developing and earning money in the DApp store.


Watch this video to get an overview of how DApps allow you to quickly and easily accept cryptocurrency payments.

Submission Process

  1. Read through this documentation to learn how to build a DApp
  2. Submit your DApp using this form for the test store
  3. Test your DApp on the test net using the Beta Mobius DApp Store
  4. Submit your DApp using this form for the live Mobius Dapp Store


The Mobius DApp Store is an open-source, non-custodial - non-custodial - Private keys (in Stellar: secret seeds) are not held or controlled by a central entity. Only the user knows and holds their private keys. platform that makes payments in cryptocurrency to decentralized apps easy. This new and innovative architecture empowers developers and entrepreneurs to accept crypto-based payments in their apps and businesses.

Being non-custodial, Mobius never holds secret seeds for users or developers. Any tokens spent are directly sent between the user and the developer - Mobius never touches the money or takes any fees.

A big advantage of the Mobius DApp Store over centralized competitors such as the Apple App Store is significantly lower fees (around $0.000001, purely for transacting on the Stellar network), compared to 30%, for in-app purchases.

What's Next

Use these resources to begin learning how to create and launch your DApp.

Stellar Network
Mobius Developer Slack
Mobius White Paper